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What are Open Records Requests?
Following the lead of the Federal Government, most states have passed laws that mirror the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but at a state and/or local level. These statutes vary in name (FOIA, Open Records, Sunshine Law, Open Government) but all generally recognize the right of the public to obtain access to government documents.
What type of information can be requested?
Generally speaking, you can request to inspect or receive a copy of any writing produced by a state or local agency in the performance of its normal functions. Each state has exemptions to what can be requested, typically to protect the privacy rights of its citizens (such as attempting to request another citizen's medical records).
How do I submit a Request?
Submitting a Open Records with the FOIAView system is fast and easy! Just create a FOIAView account (to ensure that the Agency is able to contact you to handle your Request) then fill out a simple Request Form, which will then be sent directly to the Agency. At each step of the processing of your request, the FOIAView system will send you notifications to keep you up-to-date on your request's status.
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